Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Gulport Art Walk

Gulfport Casino

Gulfport is an amazing beach town in that they've managed to avoid being engulfed by condos. It still has a charming, vanishing Florida authenticity to it. Once a month, they have their Gulfport Art Walk, which is more of a sidewalk craft show -- and an enchanting evening. [Link]

There are many beautiful and friendly restaurants and bars, along with boutiques and art studios.

On the sidewalk

The atmosphere is laid back. Lots of arts and crafts are on sale, people meander at a leisurely pace, and live music plays in the background from performers playing in front yards, insets and tents set up for the purpose.

The Chicago style hot dogs at the place pictured above are excellent and affordable. It pays to explore all the nooks and crannies in Gulfport.

There's a hot glass shop there, which gives workshops where you can learn to blow glass, or shop for gorgeous glass items and ornaments. Directly behind me when I took this picture, a band was playing some island tunes.

This musician was playing and singing right in front of the used bookstore (a must), next to two glowing pink flamingoes. I can recommend the Gulfport Art Walk as a guaranteed romantic evening for friends and lovers.

--- Luis

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