Saturday, October 22, 2011

Street Art: Unintended Collaboration

Artist Unknown

As we have sen here before, writing over other people's work happens. This is one case where a figure was superimposed on an existing piece [Link], and the artist simply utilized that interloper's energy, added to it his own and made an entirely new piece. On the left is the figure, stripped down to its lines.


Incorporating someone else's work into a new piece is not easy. First, the extraneous figure had its colors stripped, down to the lines. It was obviously the work of someone who knew what they were doing. A kind of Hag/Kali destroyer Crone figure.

This picture gives a better idea of the figure in relation to the original mural. It was ont he back wall of the little building next to Central Art.

This shows the incorporation of the piece into the new 'collaborative' work. This has come down since it was done, but I thought the process interesting.

Detail showing script in the above work.

Congratulations to "Napi" for the artwork & to Central Art Supply, one of our few local arts stores left, for donating the space for Street Art to go up legally. I know the building will eventually be sold and/or come down, but until then, it is a great canvas for our artists. Thank you.

Central Art Supply is at
2429 Central Avenue in Saint Petersburg, FL
Telephone: 727.898.8300
Summer Hours:
Mon - Thurs: 10 - 6
Fri: 10-4, Sat: 10 - 2

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