Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"The Habit" Opens @ Silver Meteor Gallery

Award-winning playright, actor Wilson Loria's play "The Habit", directed by Ciara Carinci, opens at Silver Meteor Gallery on Oct 14th. This play will be performed this Friday and Saturday, Oct 14th & 15th,  then on Sunday the 16th, it will be performed in Spanish. It will also be performed the following weekend on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (In English). Oct 21st, 22nd and 23rd. Look for AT's This Weekend section on Thursday for more information. Silver Meteor is at 2213 E. 6th Ave. Ybor City. Tickets are $12 reserved, or $14 at the door. For reservations,

[From the press release] In a daring look at a religious woman facing the crossroads of her life, The Habit guides its audience from the familiar images of docile convent life to a path sprinkled with hints of a more profane one. Meeting a charming young manmore of the scoundrel typeat the hospital where she works as a nurse, she keeps hearing him telling his enchanting and magical stories. Suddenly, in a do-or-die move, she accepts his offer of eloping with him. However, as the play moves on, the audience is not really quite sure if HE is a figment of her imagination, or if SHE is a figment of his. Through music, dance, mimefollowing Loria’s idea of what theater should beThe Habit portrays, most importantly, a human being’s moment of truth, as everyone in the audience may have experienced at least once in their own lives.

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