Sunday, October 30, 2011

Street Art: Old and new.

This is a crop from a much larger (5x7 ft). It was painted over a storefront window in an art project years ago. The place is closed now, but the murals still remain. This section is in a toy store, with a man and woman marionettes. The expressions on the puppets are good. I love the (relatively) free (no strings) stuffed armadillo on the glass countertop, and the delicate colors on the wallpaper.

This appeared less than a month ago in a sheltered spot. This is at least the 2nd work by this artist I have run across. The same mandala-type compositions, but quite improved in color and detail. The tricolor swirling "arms" look a little like ostrich feathers. at the center, a cameo form with a woman's face. Note the little stencil on the lower left. We have seen bigger versions of it here before, in the same way, and in a larger figure form being held by a Madonna.

The face wears a winged leopard (?) mask, crowned with five stars. This artist is perhaps bringing out representations of different feminine energies in a series. I'll have to go through my files and see if I can find the one prior to this.

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