Monday, August 20, 2012

Cross The Aisle, an RNC Collaboration @ Craftsman House

S. Schorr & K. Lacker, "Stars & Stripes Vase"
Craftsman House is a multifaceted space, incorporating a cafe, clay studio, art gallery and contemporary Arts and Crafts inspired reproductions. The Cross The Aisle, an RNC Collaboration show Features work from artists of different mediums and various art venues who have collaborated  to create works of art. Jeremiah Jacobs - Craftsman House-clay Josh Poll/Dave Walker - Zen Glass-blown glass Charlie Parker - Charlie Parker Pottery-clay Carrie Jadus - Carrie Jadus Studios-paint Stephanie Schorr - Craftsman House-clay Kati Lacker - Craftsman House-printmaking Chris Ottaway - Craftsman House-clay Sarah Yost - Craftsman House-paint Jeremiah Jacobs - Craftsman House-clay Andrea Pawlisz - Nuance Galleries-paint.

As with most art venues, this space is anticipating the RNC convention and doing their best to accommodate the influx. Craftsman House (CH) is dealing with all this in  a light-hearted manner in the best tradition of American politics, and using the metaphor of collaboration across media in art to perhaps suggest the possibility of the same in politics.On either side are examples of funny coffee beverages CH has come up with for the Convention.

C. Parker and Carrie Jadus, "The Dinner Party"

On the left is part of a dinner service, with the plates made by Charlie Parker and painted by Carrie Jadus. Very politically balanced, and correct as to red state/blue state.

These sculptures of the Presidential opponents in this campaign were made by Jeremiah Jacobs (clay) and Josh Poll and Dave Walker of Zen Glass.

Meet-the-Artists Reception: Friday, August 24th, 6pm-8pm. Through Sept 2nd. Free admission. All at 2955 Central Ave. St Pete.

--- Luis

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