Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Cuban Sandwich Show 2012 VIII: Epic of the Sandwiche Cubano and other Poems of Tampa @ FMoPA

 This exhibit/installation had the subtitle of The River. The original plan was to make some kind of "coastline" and have a little meandering form, but ADA laws prevented that, and it took a rectangular form. It is in the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts, in the hallway directly opposite the front desk.

Liz Mitchell viewing installation.

In a corner is a boombox playing James E. Tokley Sr. reading the Epic of the Sandwiche Cubano. The photographs are on the floor and unlabeled. In the center are prints of another poem by Mr. Tokley Sr. that was inscribed in stone with a grant and can be seen at the school located at Columbus and 20th.

Overhead view of several prints

Photographers include David Audet, who also curated and got the images printed, Jeff Fey, Peter Melarango, Fred Smith, Matt Wiggins and Luis G. (me).

(l. to r.), unidentified, James Tokley Sr., David Audet,Rhonda Nelson & Sylvia Curbelo

The prints are about 24x36", all but one in color. The original idea was to make the photographs with the camera "looking down", though there are a few, notably of the headwaters of the Hillsborough River that deviated from that.

Congratulations to all the artists, David Audet for conception, curation and printing and to the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts for hosting.

--- Luis

Florida Museum of Photographic Arts
400 N. Ashley Dr., 33602 Phone 813-221-2222
Photo installation based on the poetry of Tampa Poet Laureate James E. Tokely, Sr.

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