Monday, August 6, 2012

Cuban Sandwich Show 2012 II: Tampa Films and Filmmakers

The second event of the Cuban Sandwich Show (CSS), Tampa Films and Filmmakers, was curated by Paul Guzzo and shown at The Buzz on Harbour Island. Guzzo hosts and curates shows regularly on the first Thursday of the month at this beautiful cafe & wine/beer bar. This documentary film titled “The Ghosts of Ybor: Charlie Wall the Documentary”,was about one of Tampa's most notorious gangsters and through him about Tampa, its people, economics and history during three tumultuous, white-water decades.

The Buzz at dusk

 The Buzz is well-suited for these events, being long front-to-back with plenty of seating, plus the bar. A dream realized by Amy Cadicamo,  Situated at 710 Harbour Post on Harbour Island on a block rich with street life, other cafes sidewalk tables, and a great view of Tampa. They serve breakfast and lunch, coffee, beer and wine. A steady stream of islanders strolled by outside, most with a dog. Amazingly, parking is easy and nearby.

Paul Guzzo
Amy's husband Paul, an indie filmmaker who makes narrative fictional films with his brother, Peter Guzzo. New Jersey natives, Paul moved to Tampa in 1999. They co-founded and co-hosted the Tampa Film Reviews, a monthly film event founded in January 2004 in Tampa that for five years showcased the films of Florida independent filmmakers. Paul has written and produced six indie films. He also writes for La Gaceta, Cigar City, and is a  biographer of people like former mayor Dick Greco and Tampa Steel founder. He also has a new book finished and coming out soon which will be reviewed here.

From the film
Ghosts of Ybor: Charlie Wall, The Documentary weaves a complex story from well-researched newspaper clippings, historical photographs, newsreel and other film footage, some graphic novel images, interviews and re-enactments. Paul Guzzo is a fluent storyteller, carrying a consistent narrative interleaving accounts from various sources and taking fascinating variations from the theme and returning to it. In this type of film the transitions between the different modes are difficult, but here they are handled nearly seamlessly. The characters are multidimensional, portrayed as fully human and ambiguous, not cardboard cut-outs. This is one of a series of films called Ghosts of Ybor. If the others are this good, they're well worth seeing. One benefit of seeing them at The Buzz is that Paul prefaces the film, and adds insights in his postscript.

Paul tells me that the Tampa Film Review is back as Coffeehouse Films. Short, locally produced indie films will be shown every second Thursday.

I want to thank Paul and Peter Guzzo for the film, Paul for curating and hosting, & Amy for the beautiful and intimate gem of a venue, a wonderful evening and cinema experience.

--- Luis

The Buzz Coffee Bar
710 Harbour Post Drive, Harbour Island

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