Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Street Art: Graffiti near rooftop where bricks & pipes were found

Tampa police and other agencies found "bricks and pipes" on a rooftop of a building located at Florida Ave and Tyler Street. On that rooftop, or near it, they reportedly found this piece of graffiti, a combination stencil and freehanded image of "Vee" from "V" /the Vee is for Vendetta movie, and the number 99 for the 99% of non-wealthy Americans. They are labeling this as  "anarchist-style graffiti" The Guy Fawkes images and masks have become ubiquitous. Is it anti-RNC? Yes. Anarchist? I think that's mostly a wishful stretch on the part of TPD/and other law enforcement agencies. While the masks are popular and worn by many groups, they're more difficult to paint than the far simpler anarchist symbols.

On the other hand, I have no doubt that real anarchists are on their way here. TPD said the target for the bricks might be the Floridan. The Floridan? The bricks were found on the NW corner, on the side opposite Florida and the Floridan.

Two morals to this story: Don't engage in illegal graffiti acts, but if you do, signing them is hazardous to your freedom.

The Art Taco Guide to Spotting Anarchist Graffiti:

What could these images have in common?

Are we seeing a repeating theme here? Below is a beauty by Banksy...the encircled "A" is in the flag.

(A) is for Anarchists.


  1. apparently cute little elephants are bad too...

  2. And mermaids, I understand. St. Pete is in an RNC-driven frenzy against Street Art, with people being questioned and sought after. They would rather have huge white blotches on the sidewalk and elsewhere.