Thursday, September 27, 2012

Agent Provocateur: Alan Hampton/MLKKK Reloaded on CL

In today's Creative Loafing, Megan Voeller has an excellent article titled "Whitewash" on the controversy I wrote about sixteen days ago here [Link]. The photograph illustrating the article (seen below) is one of many I took as the painting was being covered by Allen.

I donated that picture to Creative Loafing to illustrate Megan's article because I think she does a great job writing about the arts, I understand what Allen is doing with his work and was doing with MLKKK, and that it deserves to be seen and talked about. Art does not exist in a bubble. Deliberate, contrived controversial art like Allen Hampton's is designed to stir people up, and in truth, also stir up publicity. As Mae West said:  "I don't care what the newspapers say about me as long as they spell my name right."

Allen Leper Hampton

I urge everyone within range to visit this exhibit, take their friends, or get them to go, look very, very closely at the entire exhibit, form their own conclusions and talk about it. Congratulations to Megan Voeller on a well-written piece.

 --- Luis

PS. Apologies to Allen Hampton and Mark Wior for misspelling their names in my original article. This was corrected as soon as it was pointed out to me.

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