Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Street Art: Ms G, Walled

This one is safe from those who would erase her and her brood. On private property, and not viewable from the street, this effort from a well-known artist is very good.  They sit in a cramped space, one that could be missed if you were standing ten feet away. It was hard to photograph, with the light about as bad as it could be, but I was there.

It is cryptically titled "Beloved by all"

A close-up of the divine Ms. G. She stands about five + ft. tall. Note the "D" shaped line over the left side of her face. She's a Russian doll, sans spoon. Curiously, Ms. G is smiling. Normally, her mouth is turned down, as if disappointed.

Here you can see the entire mural. Note the two creatures with big hair, and the mini-me Ms G. looking back at the one on the right. The colors are very good in this piece.

The family from the other side.

Bonus: A Cat soon to disappear...

--- Luis

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