Sunday, September 30, 2012

Street Art: Two behind the Crislip Arcade

Work by Jennifer Kosharek and Christian Thomas

These two are legal. They are in the alley behind the Crislip Arcade, and should be seen in person. One can drive right to them, just make sure you're going the right way (which is towards downtown). The first one is the ubiquitous Distressed Damsel, the one and only Ms. Gretchen, this time where she can be seen by all. It was a collaboration between Crislip Arcade Eve N' Odd gallery owner Jennifer Kosharek and Christian Thomas, who has several legal murals all over St. Pete. Both have been reviewed here several time in their own right.

I was present when this one was started on a hot evening. We see Miss Gretchen, looking uncertain and more than a little sad. She shelters her brood (the two owls and the Mini-Gretchen). There's three faces above her on the left who look sad. Note the return of Mr. Spoon Man looking properly Rasputin-esque behind Ms. G.

Right around the corner from the above mural is a new one painted by Rebekah Eugenia Lazzaridis, of the Eugenia Woods gallery, also in the Crislip Arcade. Titled "Only a Paper Moon", it is a (paper) moon suspended on what appears to be a silk ribbon above stormy waters whose waves look a little like angel wings.
It is in a natural frame (a blocked-out window?) inset.

Congratulations to Jennifer Kosharek, Christian Thomas, Rebekah Eugenia Lazzaridis for highly individuated murals, and to Gary Burnside for making all this possible.

--- Luis

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