Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Eclectica & Ken Tolces @ Duncan McClellan Glass

The current show at Duncan McClellan Glass consists of works in glass, mostly from Murano, and some images made via marquetry (cut slices of wood). It is curated by Ken Tolces, CEO of Joseph Wright Imports, LLC, an import company with a connection to Murano and representing some of its great artists in the USA.

I had the privilege of walking through the show with Ken, an illuminating experience regarding the techniques of glass and maquetry and the appreciation of these works.

Gianluca Vidal, "Miraggi 02"

Gianluca Vidal  is a Master glass artist from Murano who has worked with many of the greats, including Afro Celotto, Sylvano Murin, Luciano Pavanello, Giancarlo Tagliapietra and Dino Vio. Vidal was nicknamed "Crema" for his ability to work glass and give it creamy qualities. "Miraggi 02" is handblown Murano glass, sculpted on a diamond wheel, using murrine [Link] filigrana [Link] and other techniques. A thing like this requires a large number of steps, all of which must be previsualized, executed perfectly and in specific steps.. On the right, a close-up to illustrate the incredibly rich complexity of this piece.

Gianluca Vidal

 Here is another work by Vidal, also blown Murano glass sculpted on a diamond wheel. This one is very different, transparent, unrestrained, more expansive into the surrounding space. Titled "Dioniso 24", it gives the feeling of forms emerging and falling, like the angels on Jacob's Ladder.

click this image to view full screen / greater detail

Kalman Radvanyi is a marquetry artist. The work on the left is completely made from thin slices of wood. His father was a furniture maker. His mother took him to see great architecture, which he would later draw. Now he says he "...paints with wood.". The precision in the way these veneer pieces are joined, their colors and tones, and the perspective are amazing. Kalman is now using precious stones as part of the inlays. On the left is "Jerusalem Castle". Note the red and white Moorish Arch reminiscent of the Alhambra overhead, and the Star of David on the floor.

"Santa Ana, Wind and Water Series", by Shayna Lieb, is a wild piece, made of pulled, cut and shaped glass canes, hundreds of them. On the left is a close-up showing the details of the canes and their opulent colors. On the right is the complete work, which is about 2 ft tall. It looks alive, like a sea anemone or spring grass.

On the left is "L'Amazon", by Silvio Vigliaturo, made of fused glass. Looking a little Cubist, this Amazon wears a crown, looks on one eye shut. She's whimsical, but not smiling...
Vigliaturo is considered a master of glass fusion.

This jewel-like cube, filled with prismatic glimmers of light,
consists of a myriad of glass cubes cut from the original, and glued back together. It is a decorative object of extraordinary beauty. As one moves about, some points dim and others turn on, or change colors.

Work by Gianluca Vidal (close-up)

Congratulations to all the artists, Ken Tolces for curating and bringing in these works, and Duncan McCLellan and his crew for a very good show.

--- Luis

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