Thursday, September 13, 2012

James Oleson Horse Sculpture @ Dazzio Art Experience

A large iron sculpture of a horse, made by James Oleson (who has been featured here many times) has been installed on the sidewalk in front of the Dazzio Art Experience storefront [Link] about the middle of the 600 block in St. Pete. I was told at Dazzio that it took two years to get the OK from the city to do this.

It is a classic Oleson stressed metal sculpture, with a dreadlock-like mane made of chains, as is the tail, on long, spindly tubular legs.

Congratulations to Dazzio and James Oleson for this welcome addition to the 600 Block.

--- Luis

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  1. i didn't realize the horse was a new fixture on the 600 block! i thought it was a temporary installation. hooray! i'm crazy about Oleson's work. :)