Monday, September 24, 2012

War of Art @ Dysfunctional Grace

Erin Zisser

Erin Zisser has a punk-influenced line of jewelry which she describes as "...some grit with your glamour...". There are spiked bracelets, neon necklaces, skulls and more in her coals and diamond line of jewelry and Glassphemy Design.

For this show at Dysfunctional Grace, Zisser invited 20 artists, including Amber Lakos * Bill Woo * Brandon Marsholl * Cassandra Melena * Christian Thomas * Collin Gow * Daniel James * Derek Donnelly * James Rise * Jenipher Chandley * Jennifer Kosharek * Joe Boccia * Joe Lemire * Johnny Vitale * Josh (Zen Glass) * Justin Shearer * Kristi Capone * Matt Deterior * Melissa Bruneau * Rasta * Reid Jenkins * Ryan Rosas * Sean Williams * Sebastian Coolidge * Twin Culbertson * Victoria Arendt * & Zulu Painter.

The designs were submitted by participating artists and transferred onto the shell casings. Photographing these proved difficult, as I had to hold them with one hand and the camera in the other. Here are a few of the pieces....

 Jenipher Chandley

Matt Deterior

 Ryan Rojas

Derek Donnelly
Sebastian Coolidge

Victoria Arendt

Christian Thomas

Reid Jenkins

Liz Furlong on the right


Liz Furlong and her daughter at the show.

Jewelry made and modeled by Erin Zisser

People voted with shell casings (no hanging chads here) for their favorite, and Derek Donnelly won. I will be writing a separate article on this soon. Congratulations to all the artists, Erin Zisser, Liz and Dysfunctional Grace for a good show.

--- Luis

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