Sunday, September 30, 2012

Put a Lid on It: The Art of the Box @ Florida Craftsmen Gallery

Helene Bess, "Eye Candy"
This show makes art out of what everyone talks about escaping at one time or another: The Box. In this case, literally. There are eleven artists in the show: Richard Chill Cott, Virginia Spalter, Helene Bess, Wesley Allen, Julie Dye, Samantha Churchill, Susan Bach, Sue Monde, Mark Noll, James Oleson and Steve Cinnamon. Too many artists and works for this article, but here are some picks.

Helene Bess' "Eye Candy", above left, and to the left here, is a mixed-media work that looks like a cross between an altar piece and a jewelry box. Accompanying the piece is a statement about how "the beauty of appearances" can be a veil or a window to the greater reality beyond.  On the left is a picture of the exterior which exemplifies the statement.

Mark Noll, "Red, Yellow, Orange and Blue Boxes

There was a series of small, well-crafted (and very reasonably priced) wooden boxes from Mark Noll. Beautifully designed and proportioned, a little oriental-looking and projecting physically into space, which is unusual for boxes. Most of the time they're focused on containment and being hermetic. The projections from the axis give them a sense of time.

Mark Noll, "Take Out"

Mark Noll also had this work (and others not shown) titled "Take Out", a hand-made, humorous pop-icon Chinese restaurant take out box, complete with a fortune-cookie on top.

Samantha Churchill is a Tampa artist, muse and mover known for her aluminum wire sculptures and Dia de Los Muertos paintings. She had several works in the show. Several small wire sculptures in clear plastic boxes that were hand-stitched.

Samantha Churchill, "The Collector"

The centerpiece was a larger sculpture, a duet of figures, one a large aluminum wire sculpture trying to corral a smaller copper wire figure into a box. Titled "The Collector", its narrative speaks volumes to the artist/collector relationship, as well as many others in life.

Julie Dye, "Cubed Cube"

Works in white by Julie Dye

Julie Dye had several paper works in the show. Cubed Cube, shown at left, is but one example. The lighting on it was beautiful. The idea of multiples and multiple projections worked well.

Virginia Spalter had several exquisite boxes on display. This one, "A Tangled Web", is a mixed-media piece with a glass handle. Sleek, beautiful and elegant. What it holds is creative energy.

 Congratulations to all the artists and to Florida Craftsmen Gallery for a good theme and a memorable show.

--- Luis

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