Sunday, September 23, 2012

Street Art: Artissin Aerosol Paints

Artissin Paints

Austin David is an entrepeneur who embodies the best qualities of American small business. His aerosol paints are top-quality, priced competitively and made in America. I recently had the pleasure of touring Artissin's headquarters at 2313 Central Ave. in St. Pete. They do graphic design and on their FB page I see that an art gallery may be on the way.

I tested one can of Artissin (can't say where!). It's beautiful color and covers well. Artissin's commitment to the aerosol artist is total, including the four exterior walls of the business, two of which are covered in street art, and a third is on the way. This is where Christian Thomas' mural recently posted here is, and where Acud Akut is putting up a new work which will be reviewed here as soon as it is finished.

Artissin can be contacted at 2313 Central Ave, (727) 204 - 9004. Their website is here. Artissin also has a FB page [Link]. 

These paints are not the same old generic product of some giant corporation, but a quality local boutique tool for street artists who want something distinctive and different. Artissin aerosol paints are a welcome addition to the community.

--- Luis

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