Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Secrets of famous painters revealed with new photo-technique.

3D Coform small mini-dome scanner
3D photography by a British group is expanding our knowledge of techniques used by famous painters. 3D Coform [Link] uses angular lighting to reveal the brushstrokes  and layering in paintings. The technique is also used with 3D objects, exploring the methods of their construction and it will also make possible re-creating objects from analysis of their (broken) pieces. I imagine this will also have applications in archaeology, analyses of structural failures, etc.

Pieta de Palestrina

The applications of this technology will serve to further the study of art in a new dimension. For example, the Pieta de Palestrina is attributed to Michaelangelo but there is no real solid evidence for this. 3D Coform will be able to detect the strokes used to make it, and compare them with those of authenticated Michaelangelo sculptures to confirm or rule out his potential authorship.

--- Luis


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