Sunday, September 16, 2012

Street Art: Mural by Christian Thomas

This one is legal, so I can divulge its location. Get to Central and 24th st. in St. Petersburg. Turn N. on 24th and make a right into the alley at the half-way point of the block. Continue about 100 ft., you will see it on the right.

It consists of a blue man's face, apparently in meditation or some kind of contemplative state. Red smoke tendril-like fingers touch the face. There's much more here, but you willl have to stand before it and read between the lines. I followed this one from the outset, and it is good to see it finished.

Close-up of the face

On the left is a close-up of the Mexican rose in the lower right of the mural. Note the heart in the center.

Congratulations to Christian Thomas on this fine mural.

--- Luis

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  1. This mural was done on my building "Artissin"
    2313 Central Ave. St. Pete, Fl 33713

    Much Love,
    (727) 204 9004