Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Art Fair App: Collectium iPhone

Meandering around an Art Fair without a clue? No more. If you go to SCOPE, Pulse, Volta NY, Fountain and Moving Image Art Fairs between March 3 & March 6th, and get the Collectium iPhone app, you'll be able to use your phone to "recognize"artwork exhibited at the fair and:

• instantly receive extensive information on the artist and the piece;
• add the artwork to “My Collection” favorites;
• share with friends via Facebook, Twitter and email;
• contact the gallery about the artwork.

• browse the entire art show catalogue on their iPhone;
• enter images, details and personal notes about works of art not registered in the system;
• view all the programming and scheduling information about the fairs.
“This is a social art management system, part of the next generation of tools for appreciating art,” says Boris Pevzner, the former Silicon Valley entrepreneur who founded Collectrium. “Our app makes the experience of visiting an art fair more interactive for the art lover — enhancing the on-site visit, while also allowing visitors to take the fair home with them.”

“We’ve created a bridge between the physical and virtual art worlds by bringing the power of online technology to that live moment of discovery."

And you'll sound more knowledgeable at the parties, too.

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