Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Immigrant Impact @ Duncan McClellan Glass Studio & Gallery.

Work by Mika Negishi Laidlaw

Jennifer McCurdy, Gilded Wing
AT was at Duncan McClellan Glass (DMG) for a sneak preview of this show, and went back on opening night. Most galleries tend to be somewhat antiseptic-looking spaces, but not this one. It is brimming with art, and some of it is up high on its walls, in the form of XXL versions of insects, and when there, look up and behold the large work by Nancy Cervenka overhead. It is a highly individuated space. It's much more than that. It is as close as we get locally to an arts wunderkammer (wonder-room).
Work by Jennifer McCurdy

On the right is a porcelain titled "White Cube", by Ivan Albreht. There's a feeling of compression or crowding to it, and a sense of birth or rebirth.

Ivan Albreht, "Circle", porcelain and steel.

"Circle", overhead view.

These heads are nearly at eye-level, in a circle, facing out, looking inquisitive, some languishing, oblivious to each other, speak to the human condition.
Everywhere the eye wanders at DMG there is a dazzling array of mostly glass art.

The large work shown on the right is by Giannina Coppiano Dwin. The duality of the large domed elements and the surrounding small disks give this piece a meditative, restful quality.

"Platter with Handles", by Juan Carlos Navas

Juan Carlos Navas "Bowl"

These works by Juan Carlos Navas have a delightful creaminess and volumetric delicacy to them.

Works by John Brekke

"Communication", by Duncan McClelland

 This show runs through April 9th, meaning you still have the chance to see it. Duncan McClellan Glass, 2342 Emerson Ave. South. St Petersburg. 813.760.6600 or 727.421.4141.
See more of Duncan's extraordinary work here: [Link]

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