Friday, April 22, 2011

Happenings on the 600 Block: Third Friday and Earth Day

Today is the Earth Day Celebration on the 600 block of Central Ave in St. Pete. There will be an herb sale (no, not that kind!), Lectures and Workshops, Live Eco-Art, Recycled Crafts Music and much more. It starts at noon and goes on until 6 PM. Tonight, Friday April 22, at the Collective (601 Central Ave) they are showing an Earth Day Film at 9:00 PM. There will be a post-show discussion led by Duke of Electric Voodoo Tattoos at 951 Central, an excellent shop and art space.

Last week there was an event (third Saturday?) at the 600 block. Here's a few pictures...

These two artists were busy working together in the Crislip Arcade (645 Central Ave). Kimberly White and Saori (who uses only one name)  each own a gallery bearing their name and are neighbors in the arcade. to see more of Saori's work & gallery [Link]. To see more of Kimberly White's work and gallery [Link]

On the right is a photo of Jeff Williams drawing while sitting on the 600 block sidewalk, just outside the arcade. He's with the Ramblin' Rose Recycled Boutique and the band St. Pete Beat. This is the kind of close contact and availability one has with the artists at these 600 block events on Central.

On the right is long-time AT friend and multi-talented artist Alex experiencing a moment of Satori while painting...

Across the street, music flowed from bars and over the counter at the sidewalk sale at Daddy Cool Records, a wonderful music store.

--- Luis

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