Saturday, April 9, 2011

Short Rave: "Lucid Dreams" at C. Emerson Fine Arts

Last night was the opening for "Lucid Dreams", the current show at C. Emerson Fine Arts gallery. Given that most of us have this second life in our dreams, and that some of them are lucid, meaning that we have a secondary awareness of being in a dream, this is a great theme. I will be reviewing this show here soon, but wanted to alert AT readers to make time to see this one.  

Here's a short course in training yourself for Lucid Dreaming, from "Lessons in Lucidity", New Scientist magazine, June 12-18, 2010:

1.- Test reality. Ask yourself if you are awake or dreaming throughout the day, and how you got to where you are. You will be more likely to ask yourself these questions while dreaming, and if you do, the door to lucid dreaming unlocks and swings open before you.

2.- Focus. People who focus on single-minded tasks while awake tend to experience more lucid dreaming. So get a little monomaniacal.

3.- Now, to the juicy part: The Fantasies. Before hitting the sack, plan your fantasy (ies). Do so in detail.
Be your own interior designer, it helps to prompt lucid dreams.

4.- When you wake up try to recall as many dreams as you can.

5.- On a lazy weekend (who has those anymore?) set your alarm an hour earlier. Try to recall your dreams. Get out of bed and stay out for an hour (yes, this involves great personal sacrifice, I know), then get slide back in on your 200 TPI Egyptian Cotton sheets (some of us are dreaming already). The odds of having a lucid dream increase with this sadistic procedure.

6.- If you have any fantasies send them in as comments. They're 100% anonymous and have to be approved by me before they go out.

7.- Go see the show at 909 Central Avenue, St. Petersburg.  727.898.6068

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