Monday, April 4, 2011

Lunacy/ Man on The Moon. Square One at The Ritz

Square One held another of its Man on the Moon parties at the Ritz theater in Ybor City last Saturday (April 2nd). If you've been to one Square One event, you know what to expect: Quality art, entertainment, shows starting on time, throb fashions, edgy dancers, cleanliness everywhere, particularly the restrooms, and more. And it's easy to take it all for granted until you go to other parties and realize Okie/Square One has spoiled you.

My friends Kim and Gio were there. She was exibiting her millinery (hats/headbands/bows, etc) in the theater.

On the right is Kim's beautiful, well-thought-out display
of fashion hats, head bands and bows.

In this close-up you can see some of the smaller headpieces in detail. Each is one of a kind, a chance to make a statement that is all your own.
These fashions, like their designer, have a lively, brilliant, light-heartedness about them.

  I love the "Wine" hat on the left, with the grapes and cork (!).

Kim with a fashionable friend.

Kim's blog about her hand-made, one of a kind headwear is at: [Link]

More of Kim's creations.

A/T friend Steve Palladino painting on Seventh, across from the Ritz.

This artist intensely painted in dim light inside.

People enjoyed the art and took it home.

Friends dancing

Adriana Tomassi is an artist and a high-school art teacher. Her work comes across as a great combination of analysis and nearly unbridled emotion. They are personal and symbolic, with carefully controlled colors. Surreal influences can clearly be seen. This is titled "Let's Not Talk Anymore". The colors are restrained, the forms much freer. The face on the left seems to be at that moment when one has to let go, but not altogether willingly.

"In the wrong hands", also by Tomassini, we see a Dali-esque dreamscape in which a sinister figure that is mostly hands and feet seems to be playing puppetmaster to a figure held aloft by a balloon/cameo of a young woman. Behind the smaller figure, a bull looks away. Strong work from Andi Tomassini.

  See more work at: [Link]

She can be sontacted at:

Congratulations to Okie Tilo, Jason Moriarty and the crew for putting on a great party.

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  1. Thanks for the coverage! Resting now and then I'll start preparing for the November 2-night show in July.